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Video Door Intercom System

for Smartphones & Tablets

(iOS, Android)

How myintercom works

The IP-based video-intercom system myintercom combines design, comfort and unique features. For iPhone, iPad, and Android. The doorbell of the door station, the speech and the camera images are transmitted to your Smartphone or Tablet, while you are at home (2) or on the road* (3). You can talk from anywhere with your visitors, see them and open the door. The recent 20 visitors are archived with picture and date/time within the history.

Optionally, an additional door chime (4) can be connected in the interior area. With a separate existing door opener button (5), the door can be opened even when the Smartphone is turned off. Both connections are recommended.

Simple installation

All you have to do is connect the video door station to the power supply and network cable (1) (or Homeplug/Powerline-Adapter) at your door. Thanks to 1000eyes® technology, the system is immediately ready for use. The audio signals and the camera images are transmitted via your Internet router to your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Both at home in the local area network (LAN) or on the road, without any range limitation, securely encrypted over the Internet* (WAN) or 3G./4G On your Smartphone or Tablet, you can simply install the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2 Wire Technology

The 2-wire technology enables power and data to be transmitted over a distance of up to 100 metres through the existing cabling that's in place. Subsequently pulling in of a CAT5e cable is no longer necessary. A myintercom ONE door station is separately powered by a 15V AC adapter, a myintercom PLUS Door Station  with integrated two-wire technology can be powered  directly by the PoE-injector connected to the 2-wire transmitted.

Unique features

When pushing the door bell the signal is sent to your Smartphone or tablet (sound and Push-Notification)

Live view and talk (two-way), no matter where you are in the world

Built-in very high-quality HDTV image sensor from Axis Communications, for a sharp and clear image

Intercom with excellent speech quality

Door opening and turning on light by a simple touch on the screen

The recent 20 visitors are archived with picture and date/time within the history

Works in the local area network (LAN) and on the Internet (WAN) securely encrypted and without range limitation

Connection facility for an additional door chime and optional button for opening the door from inside, if the smartphone or tablet is not available

* To view, talk and operate your myintercom unit over the Internet you will need to activate the door station to connect to the myintercom secure server which costs   €64.99 per year.