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Video Door Intercom System

for Smartphones & Tablets

(iOS, Android)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:TZ6S1 Are the apps for myintercom free?

The myintercom App for iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones / tablets is freely available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The use of the App within the in-house WIFI (in the same LAN as the door station) is free of charge. Optionally, you can
activate the door station for use over the Internet (WIFI / 3G) for € 64.99 per year.

Q:VG1X1 Is a myintercom software for Mac or Windows PC available?

Yes, an optional myintercom software for Mac OS X and Windows PCs, with comparable features such as Apps for iOS and Android, will soon be available for download free of charge.

Q:8KM23 Can I use a Windows Phone with myintercom?

Currently only apps for iOS and Android are available. The distribution of Windows Phone is currently still in the lowest single-digit percentage range. We will of course also provide a Windows Phone app as soon as a positive trend is emerging here.

Q:M9ER1 I have already installed a door intercom system, I can replace it with myintercom?

Yes, special covers for old systems are available upon

Q:AG5E9 Can I connect myintercom via wireless with my router?

A stable connection of a door station to the router in the house via WiFi is due to circumstances influencing the stability and range not possible because the robust metal housing construction of the door station and the outer walls of the building block radio signals in general. Therefore no WiFi module has been integrated in the door station. You have the myintercom alternative to cabling either via a network cable, or via
2-Wire PoE Extender / Homeplug/Powerline adapter to connect to your router. For reliability reasons, we generally recommend cabling via a network cable.

Q:LJE4C Is there a wall mount for my iPhone or iPad?

A wall mount with power supply is available for the iPad by iRoom in black. A wall mount with power supply for the iPhone is available by WHD.

Q:HJB3X I am retailer and would like to present myintercom in my showroom. Do you offer special demo conditions?

We offer special
demo conditions for retailer (£800, - net) to present the product in your showroom.

Q:JJN12 The door station has an integrated HDTV image sensor by Axis Communications. Can I also use the sensor for other purposes?

The myintercom door station is a closed system with very high quality and perfectly tailored hardware and software components and a safety concept comparable to the iPhone. The HDTV image sensor is therefor equipped with a special firmware and does not support the standard Axis API. A comprehensive
myintercom API for home automation purposes is available in the near future, to control the myintercom door station over an HTTP protocol.
The add-on camera "myintercom Cam1" can be controlled via the standard Axis API, e.g. to integrate the add-on camera in a video management software (VMS).

Q:INBF2 Can I link myintercom with my conventional door opener and doorbell?

Yes, this is possible. Simply connect them to connectors specifically designed for this purpose on the myintercom board.

Q:MBHC2 Which electronic door opener can I use in connection with the myintercom door station?

The myintercom door station provides 12V AC voltage for the electronic door opener. In general, all major electronic door openers / electric strikes that support a 12V AC voltage are compatible. An example can be found
here (ASSA ABLOY 17----------D11).

Q:EBHC2 Which door chime and door opener button do you recommend?

You can connect a standard door chime to the door station. The door station offers no power supply for the door chime. It is a switching contact only. The switching output can be used with a max. power of 20 V DC (2.5 A) or 20 V AC (2.5 A). You can also connect a standard door opener button to the door station which is mounted inside.

Q:BBC4X The time in the live image of the door station is wrong and the pictures in the archive of the door station are not sorted correctly, what is the cause?

The door station regularly synchronizes its clock with a time server (NTP) of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) ["ptbtime1.ptb.de" on the Internet]. Please check that the door station
can connect to the Internet. If the door station cannot connect to the Internet or if you don't want to allow it connecting to the Internet, you can use the app (Settings>Administration) to set a time server (NTP) within your local network, e.g. the IP address of your router (if it has an NTP server). In this case check the time setting of your router.

Q:VEO8D Can I download the app without a Google / Android Market account to my Android Smartphone / tablet?

No, Side-Loading is not provided. As part of warranty and support, we fulfill the minimum requirements that Google has accepted and approved for the mobile device manufactured Google Play. Without an active Google Play account, the mobile device won't offer either all the necessary functions of the Android operating system, such as Security certificates, push notifications on the Google servers, etc.

Q:KK9UE Is myintercom available with more than one bell push, e.g. for an office building with three different companies?

myintercom is currently available with one bell push. In Q/4 2013 there will be versions with multiple bells pushes.

Q:NBGZA What are the technical data of myintercom and how do I mount the door station?

Please have a look at the

Q:VCK9W Why can I not choose usernames and passwords free?

The user names are linked to the serial number of the hardware and are used for unambiguous assignment. For data protection and data security reasons, passwords are generated randomly by the App and cannot be changed to a possibly simple and insecure password.

Q:JNC31 Why do I never receive a Standard Push-Notification on my mobile device when someone rings the door bell?


Please check in the following order.

1. Check if your door station is connected to the Internet, refer to www.myintercom.de/en/checkonline.
2. Check if your mobile device is connected to the Internet, e.g. by opening the site
www.myintercom.de/en with a browser on your mobile device.
3. Check if the myintercom App is installed on your mobile device and if the concerning door station is added to the settings of the myintercom App and if you also see a live picture of the concerning door station in the myintercom App.
4. Check on your mobile device if the myintercom App is allowed to receive push messages. Usually you allow this process during the installation of the myintercom App. You are also able to configure those settings afterwards over the Message Centre of your mobile device.
5. Check if you have activated the Push Notifications for the concerning door station in the myintercom App on your mobile device (myintercom App -> Settings -> Door station -> Push-Notifications -> on).
6. Please make sure that the Smart Cover of your mobile device is not clapped (the magnet switch of the Smart Cover puts your iPad in standby mode that, according to Apple's intention, Push Notifications of Apps will only be shown by opening the Smart Cover).

If all the points mentioned above are met, a firewall blocks one or more Ports necessary for the door station.

Q:HU8EC I do not always get a push notification when someone rings, how can that be?

When a visitor presses the doorbell button on the door station you get reliable a push notification if the door station is connected to the Internet and the mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone / tablet) has Internet connectivity via mobile, i.e. SIM card inserted. Otherwise the mobile device or parts of it may, depending on the setting of the mobile device, go non-receptive into power saving mode. Please make sure you have confirmed with the installation of the App that the App is allowed to send you push notifications and you have enabled this option for each door station in the App (Settings -> Door Station -> [x] Push notifications). When your iPad is in a Smart Cover, please make sure that the Smart Cover is not closed (the magnetic switch on the Smart Cover turns the iPad into sleep mode, and as designed by Apple, Push messages from Apps are suppressed until opening the Smart Cover). Please see also
this hint.


Q:GB5Q1 Why is the sound quality with an Android smartphone or Android tablet not as high quality as with an iPhone or iPad?

The iPhone and iPad use very high quality and perfectly matched audio components. This fact is also always confirmed by independent benchmark test between iOS and Android devices. The audio quality (sound, volume, echo) is differs from Android device to Android device because of low-end audio hardware (microphone, speakers, DSP, arrangement and design)., This can't be influensed software side. To ensure superb audio quality, we recommend to use an iPhone or iPad.  Some erroneous low-end Android devices do not transmit audio in general.

Q:CVG4A Why is a myintercom door entry system more expensive than a normal door entry system as I eg know from Do-It-Yourself markets?

myintercom is an IP-video door entry system designed and manufactured in Germany, by Europe's leading door phone manufacturer TC Behnke. The myintercom door station has solely built-in very high quality hardware components for Audio- and Video-over-IP, including an award-winning HDTV image sensor for clear and sharp live images. Thus the price of a myintercom door entry system is not comparable with a simple no-name intercom from Far East.

Q:GBEY1 I can use the myintercom App to access the myintercom One door station and see the live picture, but a voice connection is not possible, why?

Please check the power supply to the myintercom One door station. For the operation of the myintercom One door station a
15V power supply is required (sold separately) is required.

Q:GB5Q1 I am a network administrator. Which ports are in use?

this document.

Q:FGHE3 How can I check whether my door station is accessible via the internet and if the Internet-Function for the access via App is activated?

You can check this
here. The latest software version is automatically loaded into the door station if the door station is online.

Q:HECE6 I want to install a separate camera in addition to the built-in door station camera and use it also within the myintercom App, is that possible?

Yes, for this purpose a separate add-on camera "myintercom Cam1" is available, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors (ceiling/wall). The add-on camera can e.g. also be integrated into a video management software (VMS).

Q:EKJN4 How can I transfer the live image of the myintercom door station to a conventional monitor or TV?

this document.

Q:FGB24 Does myintercom support SIP?

The myintercom IP-Video doorstation does not support SIP for comfort reasons. Among other things there is no uniform global standard for SIP-Video and therefore

there is currently no manufacturer and model independent cross-compatibility with SIP-Video phones in practice.

Q:FGB24 It works fine with the App to connect to the door station via WiFi, 3G and 4G. Does it also work via GPRS/EDGE?

Principally a WiFi or 3G/4G connection is necessary for voice communication. The package loss and the package latency in GPRS/EDGE mobile data networks is too high for voice transmission. Under special circumstances a picture can be put together but even due to the fact that audio packages are obviously preferred by myintercom in comparison to video packages, a voice communication is absolutely not reliable due to the circumstances mentioned-above. This behavior is the same as for IP telephony services such as SIP, Skype etc.

Q:XCDD2 Why is it possible to open the door and to turn on the light through the Internet but not seeing a video or hearing audio?

Your provider of (mobile) Internet either blocks actively the transmission of video & audio data or the transmission of UDP-data in general. We do not have any influence on this inconvenience. Some providers of (mobile) Internet prohibit this actively depending on respective data plans (e.g. SIP, Skype, WhatsApp etc.). Please refer to your provider of (mobile) Internet which is usually able to support you.

Q:DBHC3 How can I check on site, if the door station works (network / power supply)?

this document.